Time and Attendance

Biometric Office Automation
Finger print time attendance system is low cost, cheap and best biometric time and attendance system for all your professional needs.
Biometric time and attendance system is more reliable to measure individual’s activities and attendance also.
Biometric machines capture individual’s unique physical/biological activity for example palm print, iris, finger print or voice recording for further verification. Biometric attendance system is useful to count working hours also which employee did what type of work. Biometric attendance is trustworthy technology to ensure about attendance and very useful to those who has large number of employee.

Need of Biometric
Data Accuracy: Biometric time and attendance registration and identification reduces or can eliminate the need for any manual reentry of time keeping data into a payroll system when the two are integrated.
Token less entry:-Just by pressing finger you can make entry in office/school premises.no need to use token formality.
Easy to management :- This provides accurate results with minimal invasiveness for users.
Easy to make changes :- One can add and remove from the system at any time. No more complications for adding and removing the employee. It’s very easy to make changes into system in small period of time.
Time saver :- This is one of the most important advantages. Biometric identification is extremely quick. A person can be immediately identified or rejected within a second.
Increases employee productivity :- With biometric clock in place, the need to keep manually is eliminated. This saves employees time, reduces staffing overhead and provides an accurate picture of labor data to the payroll department. This helps to effectively manage the overall business operation and will lead to an increase in productivity.
Eliminates Payment Discrepancies :- The biometric attendance system is that it eliminates time discrepancies by giving the employer access to some settings. The administrator can ensure that employees with overtime hours receive appropriate payment as well. This setting control keeps the employee confident that they will be paid accordingly.

Conclusion on Biometric & Workforce Management:
• Biometrics has been used effectively for more than a decade for time and attendance and workforce management. Despite widespread use, confusion and misconceptions about the technology and its capabilities persist. These concerns are easily dispelled when the facts about biometrics are established.
• Biometrics offers unparalleled ability to quickly and accurately capture real-time, labor data and provide a non-repudiated audit trail.
• Biometrics has undergone intense scrutiny and the results are in – when properly deployed, biometrics work well and are safe, secure, and accurate.
• Biometrics offers organizations a broader range of direct and indirect time, cost, and operational benefits than alternative time and attendance methods.

Cloud based Data capturing:- Data is stored on cloud immediately. Administrator can anytime access data from the cloud and see all the records. The record are in table format, like serial number, name, present/absent, total hours, in time and out time. The attendance management system database consists of tables that stores records, each of which corresponds to an authorized person that has access to the system. Each record may contain the minutiae templates of the person’s fingerprint and user name of the person or other information.
Finger prints are capture on device and by using mobile app push all the data on server, data is store for long time and it is more secure to further use.
For finger scanning, use biometric device such as Bio-enable, FM220, Mantra, Morpho etc.